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I heard there was a National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey in June so I decided to go there for a couple days and see what it was all about . This page has some of the information that I found out on my 3 days in Wildwood.
The National Marbles Tournament is held In June, the Monday after Father's day. It takes place at "Ringer Stadium" on the beach at Wildwood Ave. and Boardwalk .


The National Marbles Tournament
Photo of sign on Boardwalk for the National Marbles Tournament

The Information that I had said the Tournament starts at 7:30 am and concludes around 11 am so I wanted to get an early start. I wanted to get a photo of "Ringer Stadium" beforeww99-2.jpg (15941 bytes) anyone was there. I had already taken a walk from the Motel to "Ringer Stadium" and knew it would only take me a couple of minutes to walk there. It was a cool, rainy, windy morning. I was wondering if it would clear up for the marble shoot. I got to "Ringer Stadium" about 7 am. and these youngsters from across the country were out practicing their skills. I was surprised to see them out that early on this cool, rainy morning.


The Weather didn't seem to be letting up on this the first day of the 76 Th. ANNUAL NATIONAL MARBLES TOURNAMENT. ww99-3.jpg (18216 bytes)

Despite being rain-soaked and wind-swept these young mibsters knuckled down to compete for the scholarship prize and to be named King and Queen of the sport of marbles. The Game of Ringer is the official game of the National Marbles Tournament.  As you can see from the photo, the ring has water on it from the rain making the marble shooting a bit harder as the water slows down the marbles. These   youngsters still did a fine job on this, the first day of competition.

I had a chance to talk to a couple friendly people that were on the National Marbles Committee. I found out that the boys and girls at the NATIONAL MARBLES TOURNAMENT have won first place in a marble tournament that is recognized by the NATIONAL MARBLES TOURNAMENT. A player must be no younger than 7 and have not reached their fifteenth birthday by June 10 Th. of  that year. For many of the contestants who attend the championship week, they have never seen the beach or the Ocean and have been sponsored by local recreation departments, schools and organizations.

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1999 National Marbles Tournament

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Tuesday and Wednesday the weather improved and I finally got a chance to see these fine kids in action. I saw them shoot a stick  ( A Stick is when a shooter knocks out seven or more marbles in the first inning ) more than once. It was a lot of fun to watch these youngsters and to see what good sportsmanship they showed for this great sport of marbles.


ww99-7.jpg (22432 bytes)

Here are a couple boys lagging to see who shoots first.





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The National Marbles Hall of Fame

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The National Marbles Hall of fame was  conceived in 1992 and officially opened in 1993, when many champions returned to be officially recognized and inducted into Their Hall.

Located at 3907 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood NJ. in the George Boyer Museum, under the auspices of the Wildwood Historical Society.

Note: The marble Hall of Fame has moved to the Chamber of   Commerce on Pacific Ave.

Marbles is a great family oriented sport. If you remember the fun you had as a kid shooting marbles why not share the fun and excitement with our youth. Get involved with one of the local marble tournaments as a coach or sponsor. If you don't have a local tournament, talk to your recreation department or school.   The next time you plan a vacation why not Wildwood with it's boardwalk, beach, and THE NATIONAL MARBLES HALL OF FAME. Take some marbles along and do some shooting at the "Ringer Stadium".


National Marbles Tournament website

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