Marble Size

How do I know what size marble I want ?
I will try to answer that question here.

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If you have a marble and want to know what size it is and don't have a caliper
to measure it try using an open end wrench.

This photo may not be to scale on your computer Machine made marbles are not an exact size. I have found that some machine made marbles can vary as much as +/-  1/16 inch diameter depending on manufacture. You will also find that machine made marbles will have air bubbles. They can be seen more in the clear and translucent. If these air bubbles are on the surface the marble can look like they has small chips in them. You will find that machine made marbles can vary in size, color and shape.
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The 12 mm marbles are smaller than a Chinese Checker marble and vary a lot in diameter

The 9/16" marble is the most common size used for Chinese Checker and Decorative marbles. 14mm is about the same size.


The 5/8" is the most common size use for playing the game of marbles as the target marble. It is a lot smaller than a dime. 16mm is about the same size.

The 3/4" marble is not a common size. About  the size of a penny or a bit smaller as shown in the image to the left. The 3/4" marble is the size used in the US as the shooter and run just a bit smaller than 3/4" because the shooter can be no larger than 3/4" at  The National Marbles Tournament .

The 7/8" marble is not a common size. We only have these in Cat's eye and Cuneo Furnace art glass marbles. 22mm is about the same size as 7/8"


The 1" and 25mm are just a little bigger than a quarter as shown in the image to the left with the 25mm being just a little bit smaller than the 1" this marble is the size used in some of the world as the shooter



The 35mm is about 1 3/8" dia.




The 42mm is about 1 5/8" dia.


The 50mm marble is almost 2" dia.

The best way to measure a marble is with micrometer or caliper.

It is hard to measure with a ruler because the round marble can give you an optical illusion

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This Bolt size gauge is a great tool to check blot sizes. It works good to check the size of marbles up to 1' dia.
The bolt gauge has both inch and metric. It don't have a 7/8" hole but the 22mm is just a little bit smaller than 7/8".

The Bolt size gauge is $4.59





At we are always looking for manufacture that have quality marbles at the lowest price to sell to our Customers.

If you are not happy with the marbles you buy from us you can exchange them or get a refund if you return them in 30 days or less. Return policy

If you order the wrong size and we sent you the size you ordered and you would change them for a different size we will do that but you will have to pay the actual shipping cost. If the marbles you return are not the size you ordered we will pay the shipping.



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