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Toy Glass Marbles are used for playing games, in crafts as decorations and Collecting. Most machine made marbles are made from recycled glass. The clear marble, gems and water wafers often have a slight tint and are not perfectly clear. The color of marble, gems and water wafers will vary from one batch to the next, just like paint dose.

Machine made marbles are not an exact size or true round spheres.   I have found that some machine made marbles can vary as much as +/-  1/16 inch diameter depending on manufacture. The larger the marble the larger the fold mark or lines. These marks can even look like a crack in some of the marbles. You will also find that machine made marbles will have air bubbles. They can be seen more in the clear and translucent. If these air bubbles are on the surface the marble can look like they has small chips in them. You will find that machine made marbles can vary in size, color and shape.

Here are manufactures of Precision Glass Balls that I know of.


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