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Moody The Marble

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Moody The Marble ™   makes a great conversation piece in the office.  You can let Moody The Marble tell people if you are having a good or bad day. Just turn the marble so it has the frown side up or the smile side up. If people see Moody The Marble with a smile they know it's a great day. If Moody the marble has a frown they will know it's a bad day. This 1" dia. printed marble makes a great gift. Give one to your boss. Then you will know if it is a good day to ask for a raise. 



42mm Moody The Marble

42moody.jpg (14562 bytes)

Quantity: 42mm marble
   $5.95 ea.



boxmoody.jpg (11455 bytes)

Quantity: 1"marble
  $4.95 ea.  in gift box

Quantity: 1" marble
   $3.00 ea.  With out box



Other uses for Moody the marble

Moody  can show if its a good or bad day in the market

Moody  can show if its a good or bad day on the golf course

Moody  can show if its a good or bad day for your team

Moody  can show if its a good or bad day for your spouse

I am sure you can think of more


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