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Glass Marbles

The appealing beauty of marbles make people look at them and collect them. Whether cat's-eyes or Rainbow new or old marbles can be fun to collect or play games with. Marbles come in several sizes from Shooters and bowlers to game marbles. Some marbles are used to fill a vase to hold artificial flowers and add beauty to the vase.

Marbles are small balls made of some hard substance, such as marble, baked clay, porcelain, wood, plastic, or glass, which are used in children's games.

The game of marbles has been traced back to ancient times. Historians think that children in Egypt, Rome, and North America may have played marbles thousands of years ago. In fact, signs of marble playing have been found in countries all over the world. Some people say that Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson liked to Play. Abraham Lincoln is thought to have been an expert at a marble game called " old bowler."

The childhood Game of marble shooting is becoming popular again in the 90's. Adults are joining in on their childhood fun of marble shooting. Marble shooting tournaments have seen an increase in children participants in the last few years. An annual national tournament takes place at Wildwood, New Jersey.

This game of skill helps children with eye and hand coordination. The game of marbles also helps children interact with other children and learn about winning and losing their marbles if they are playing for keeps.The game of marbles is a low cost sport that can keep children busy playing the game.

One of the popular varieties of the game of Marbles is played in the following manner:
A marble called a shooter or taw is projected by means of the thumb at marbles in a circle ten feet from one side to the other, outlined on the ground. Inside the circle thirteen marbles three inches apart in the shape of a cross. These target marbles are sometimes called mibs. The marbles driven out of the circle without having your shooter roll out are won by the shooter. Your turn ends when you fail to knock a marble out of the circle or when your shooter rolls out. The winner is the player who has knocked out the most marbles by the end of the game. This game is called ringer.

In another Game, players shoot or roll marbles from a suitable distance at a marble thought to be of great value; all the marbles that fail to strike the target become the property of the owner of the target marble. The game is played until either the marbles of the challengers are exhausted or a challenger's marble hits the target. When this hit is made, the challenger wins the target marble and may set it up for others to shoot at.

Marbles can be used for games inside or outside. Because marbles have been around for hundreds of years, you can play several different games with marbles. Join in on the fun of marbles whether collecting marbles or playing games you will have fun. Get started by ordering some glass marbles or buying other marble goodies by clicking on the buttons below.


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