How to play marble games

The game of Ringer

Things You'll Need:
•2  players
•13 marbles
•1 shooter per player

Setting Up the Game

1 Make a circle 10 feet in diameter on a smooth level of ground or other hard surface with chalk or make a circle in the dirt or hard clay ground with your finger or with a stick. This circle is called the "Ring Line."

2 Mark two lines in the center of the ring in the form of a cross or "X" so that the lines form right angles. This will be a guide for placing the marbles in play.

3 Put one marble in the very center of the "X" and three marbles on each of the four lines of the "X." Place the marbles three inches away from each other.

4 Draw a "Lag Line" which is a straight line that is in front of and tangent to the ring, touching it in the middle of the line.

5 Draw a "Pitch Line" which is also a straight line tangent to the ring drawn directly opposite the ring and parallel to the Lag line.

6 Obtain a shooter for each player that is made of anything except steel or metal. Ideally, it should be about 3/4" in diameter or larger, but not more than .750 inch in diameter.

7 Stand with your toe against the Pitch Line to throw your shooter or squat down with your knuckles on the line to shoot your shooter toward the Lag Line across the ring. This play is called "Lagging" and players must lag before each game. Shooter that comes closest to the Lag Line wins the lag and shoots first.

Playing the Game

1 Take turns squatting down or "Knuckling Down" just outside the Ring Line to shoot your marble, trying to knock one or more marbles on the "X" out of the ring. You can choose any area around the ring to shoot.

2 Take a score of one for each marble you knock out of the ring.

3 Pick up the marbles you've knocked out and continue shooting until you either knock your own shooter out of the ring or you fail to knock a marble out of the ring.

4 End the game when one person has 7 marble shot out or have innings and the person who has knocked out the most wins..

Ringers is the marble game played at the National Marbles tournament

Chinese Checkers
Basic Rules
1. Object of Chinese Checkers game: To win the game, what you want to do, is to move all your pieces across the board to the opposite star point, directly across from where you started.

2. Play Chinese Checkers Game by the Rules: Each point of the star will a colored set of marbles for each player. You may move one space, or jump over a number of any color marbles. You must follow the lines on the board when moving and jumping. Only move one space, or over one marble at a time. Jump one marble and then continue to jump one marble at a time, as long as there is an empty space to jump to. Don't ask me why, but chinese checkers rules state that after your turn, it will be the player to your left's turn.

Object Game Rules:
The object to Chinese Checkers is to move all your marbles across the board to the opposite side, before the other players do so. If you get trapped and are unable to make a more on your turn, then you loose. The trapped players marbles are removed and the other players continue the game. I find this chinese checkers rule to be annoying, it will feel better to win by getting all your checkers across the board first.

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