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Marble bags, stands and other things


bolt-size-gauge.jpg (60823 bytes)

This Bolt size gauge is a great tool to check blot sizes. It works good to check the size of marbles up to 1' dia.
The bolt g auge has both inch and metric. It don't have a 7/8" hole but the 22mm is just a little bit smaller than 7/8". The Bolt size gauge is $3.95

pp-l3182mg.jpg (5466 bytes)

Item #L3182MG

10X Jewelry Loupe $2.45


pp-fl998bl.jpg (3569 bytes)

Item # PP-FL998BL

Portable Black Light $9.95


Small bags to put that one
single collectable marble in.
bagsingle.jpg (8503 bytes)

Small single marble drawstring bag holds a marble up to a 1" dia. marble $1.50

Medium single marble drawstring bag holds a marble up to 1.5" dia. sold out

bagleather.jpg (6170 bytes)

Leather Drawstring Marble bag

Blue or Red Leather Drawstring Marble bag 4" x 5" bag.

Bag only . . . . . . $ 5.00


bag-5x7.jpg (4091 bytes)

Item # bag-5 x7

Black, Blue or Red draw string bag 5" X 7"   $ 1.75 ea.

Choose color:

bag-c4x5.jpg (5425 bytes)

Item # bag-4x5

Black or Blue draw string bag 4" X 5.5"   $ 1.25 ea.

Choose color:
  Item # 2x2Box

Clear 2" x 2" plastic Box .95 ea.


wcpb34.jpg (13870 bytes)


Wood balls 3/4" dia., Paint these wooden balls to make colored game
parts to match your game board if you can't find the color marbles
you are looking for.  $ .15 ea.


wcpr34.jpg (12110 bytes)

Item  WCPR34

3/4" id  1 1/2"OD wooden ring. To use as a marble stand.

Shown with a 35mm marble (not included)

Wood Ring  $ .35 ea.


wcpr1.jpg (14485 bytes)

Item  WCPR1

1" id  1 3/4"OD wooden ring. To use as a marble stand or small crystal ball.

Shown with a 50mm marble (not included)

Wood Ring  $ .49 ea.


stand-h1w.jpg (8065 bytes)

Item # stand-h1w

3/4"OD plastic Marble Stand   $.18ea.


gp-ring.jpg (10479 bytes)

Item #GP-ring

25 Plastic rings use for marble stand $1.00

  1/2" Steely     $ .50 ea.

gp-pawns.jpg (3907 bytes)

Item # GP-Pawns

1" tall Plastic Pawn game parts bag of 8,  $1.00

Red, White or Blue

Choose color:


Other Items

wb6013.jpg (3211 bytes)1-wb6013.jpg (3611 bytes) Item WB6013

24 oz Stainless Steel bottle, Light weight, Fits Most auto cup holders, Wide Mouth for ice cubes, Small mouth for drinking, For cool/Cold drinks only. Black or Pink top

List price $13.95 ea.

Our price $7.95 ea.

Choose color:

pp-j1068.jpg (1879 bytes)

Item # PP-J1068

Telescopic Mirror with Swivel $2.95


pp-j1022.jpg (8757 bytes)

Item # PP-J1022

 16 pc. Hobby Knife set $4.95


bd-18583 candle.jpg (9918 bytes)

Item BD18583

Whether you ventured into the great outdoors or remained in the comforts of your own home. The Labrador outdoor emergency candle and survival guide sheds light on any situation. Featuring a self-supporting wick, the emergency candle burns for hours without interruption and comes with a pack of waterproof matches. With this steady source of light you will be prepared for any emergency - from power outages and dead batteries to late-night camp ghost stories.

List Price $5.95 ea.

our price $3.50 ea.


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