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Note: Dice and marbles are NOT intended for Children under 3. 

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Marble Fun Run 80.jpg (8579 bytes)

Item# Marble Fun Run 80

Use your creativity and imagination to build many different funn runs!
50 bright colored pieces, instructions and 30 marbles.
ages 4 and above  $20.95

MarbleFunRun80 $20.95


amaze-n-marbles marble run.jpg (16640 bytes)

Item # amaze-n- marbles 60

60 pc Amaze-N-Marbles $31.95

Amaze-N-Marbles in a handy storage box. This gives you endless building possibilities for a fun marble race track. This tactile game provide basic learning, organizational skills and coordination.

ages 5 and up

Amaze-N-Marbles 60 pc Box $31.95

amaze-b30.jpg (5882 bytes)

Item # amaze-30

Amaze-N-Marbles 30 pc bag $16.95

Amaze-N-Marbles provide basic learning, organizational skills and coordination. This is a smaller set . It has 30pc and canvas bag.

age 5 and up

Amaze-N-Marbles 30 pc Box $16.95

marble-race-track.jpg (15931 bytes)

Item # RT1

Marble Race Track $45.00

This is a locally hand made pine marble race track.
12" tall 19" long and 3.5" wide. Comes with a few marbles and marble bag. Has a light coat of polyurethine. Children will have houres of fun racing the marble.

ages 5 and up

Marble Race track $45.00

140 mk bag
140 mk bag

Item MK-140 Set

Marble King Drawstring 140 count Bag

This is a great starter set of  marbles of 140 marbles assorted sizes and colors
in a heavy polythene drawstring bag clear on one side printed on the other side    $6.95


25ctrainbow.jpg (8778 bytes)

Item# mk-rainbow

24 5/8" and 1 shooter rainbow marbles $2.95



marblegame.jpg (13087 bytes)

Item # Marble Game

Marble Game Board $26.00

This is a locally hand made pine marble board game. Has a light coat of polyurethine.
2 boards 3/4" thick 18" long and 5" wide are put together to make a X for 4 players. Comes with marbles dice and marble bag.The boards can be put in the box they come in to mark it easy to take camping.

Marble Board Game $26.00

marble-mat.jpg (17796 bytes)

Item #  Game Mat

Game mat with marbles. $3.25

16" table-top denim game mat with marbles and  pouch.


ttt.jpg (4434 bytes)

Item # ttt

Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe Game with marbles. $3.95


mancalatin.jpg (4222 bytes)

Mancala Collectible Tin Board

Playing Mancala helps develop counting and social skills, coordination and strategic thinking $11.45


nvg-164.jpg (13104 bytes)

Item # NVG-164

Kids Collection, Marbles Marbles a multitude of marbles

Tin with 100 marbles $5.95


domino.jpg (4785 bytes)

Double Six Domino Set

28 Piece ivory color with black dots in an vinyl storge case.
1" X 2" X 5/16"   $3.95



dgames.jpg (8065 bytes)

Dice Games
A variety of games kids from 7 to 107. Includes 20 Dice and instructions. Play one of 12 Different Dice Games or any of the 50 states Dice Games.

27245.jpg (6276 bytes)

27245 Chess set

Scrimshaw style with a seafaring theme. Alabastrite pieces 7 3/4" X 6 1/2" X 1 5/8" high.  $26.45



oracles8.jpg (8208 bytes)

Oracles Of Eight

Roll the dice for your daily Reading,
or get together with your friends for an evening of readings. $4.45


dice25.jpg (4701 bytes)


Large 25 mm White Dice $1.35 ea.


dice5-8.jpg (3462 bytes)

6   5/8" DICE   Red or White.

$ 1.25


PingPong Balls (3797 bytes)

Item BD21005

6 PC PingPong Balls /Table Tennis Balls $.95


vision impaired cards

Vision Impaired Cards

Poker size Vision Impaired playing cards $5.95


Cat's eye

More dice



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