Fiber Optic marbles and eggs for sale
Made in China

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These Fiber Optic Marbles and Eggs are random colors
When you place an order for the marbles Eggs or Pendants
you understand that they can be any random color.

The Small Marble is about  20mm $4.00 each
The large Marble is about 40mm  $12.00 each
Fiber Optic EGG  $13.00 each
Fiber Marble pendant about 12mm $4.00 each

  Small   $4.00

  Large $12.00

  EGG   $13.00

    Pendant $4.00

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Marbles made from genuine gemstones

Item tre-16mmas

a random 16mm gemstone marble

16mm  Random Marble   $2.95 ea.

bm-20mmas.jpg (28720 bytes)

Item bm-20mmas

a random 20mm gemstone marble

  Random Marble   $3.75 ea.

bm-20mmfan-j.jpg (26924 bytes)

Item bm-20mmfan-j

20mm Fancy Jasper Marble

 Fancy Jasper $4.00 ea.

bm-20mmtig.jpg (31110 bytes)

Item bm-20mmtig

20mm Tiger Iron Marble

  Tiger Irom   $4.00 ea.

onyx48.jpg (6372 bytes)

onyx 48mm
  Onyx Stone   $8.00 ea.

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