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Note: Dice and marbles are NOT intended for Children under 3.  The color of marbles may look different on different monitors.
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for your floral vase

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High quality Science44 brand WaterBeads which have been manufactured to strict standards and are tested by their research and development department
before becoming part of their line.

These Waterbeads are 100% colorfast making them perfect for multi-color displays. The waterbead colors do not bleed!

Some competitors sell a lower quality waterbead which bleed and stain containers as well as your skin, additionally if you try to put more then one
color waterbead in a vase the colors run into each other and makes them very unattractive.

After you hydrate your Science44 WaterBeads they will properly disperse water slowly so your fresh-cut flowers and plants get the water they need
to survive and flourish!

Again, some competitors sell a lower quality waterbead which do not disperse water at all, this makes them not useable for live plants and flowers,
additionally, some other waterbeads will expand and shortly thereafter turn to mush.

Science44's unique tube packaging is both convenient and attractive adding value of these WaterBeads.

Each tube of waterbeads will expand to 3 cups of hydrated beads for your floral vase..

This package sets Science44's apart from the lesser quality product on the market and lets you know that you are getting the Premium Science44 WaterBeads.

We currently offer 10 colors of waterbeads Blue, Citrine, Clear, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal, White and Yellow.

$1.50 each.

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